Nutrient Matrix for Avian Neonates

NMAN is a nutrient enriched congealed water designed specifically for avian neonates.
NMAN® improves avian neonate vitality and survival rate. This is especially important during situations where access to feed and water is delayed.
NMAN® has been used successfully in the field for over 10 years.

Using NMAN® gives chicks nutrients,
energy, and the promise of a healthy start.

NMAN® is available as a concentrate and a Ready-to-Eat format.

One 500g pouch of NMAN® concentrate will congeal 10L of water. This is an amount that can feed up to 10,000 chicks.


Contact Tad Hill at 501-760-9124 for ordering and general questions. For technical assistance call 1-888-824-4226.