NMAN® Preparation

How do I mix NMAN®?

Step 1: Heat up to 10 litres of water up to a minimum of 180F (82C).

Step 2: Pour the NMAN® Concentrate into the heated water and mix thoroughly until it is one smooth and uniform consistency.

Step 3: While mixing, add blue dye to NMAN® (results in a green color preferred by poults).

Step 4: When mixed, pour NMAN® into 2L or 5 L cookie sheets.

Step 5: Allow NMAN® to congeal.

Step 6: Cut congealed NMAN® into strips, or any shape required, and distribute to chicks as necessary.

Do not feed cold or chilled NMAN® to chicks or poults. Avoid aspiration of NMAN® caused by physical manipulation after feeding (i.e. sexing).

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